Thursday Night Football - Single - VonLichten

mDUST - VonLichten

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Super Bowl XLIV... Jay Z and VonLichten collaborate on and perform
a symphonic version of "Run This Town".
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Helmut VonLichten is a Composer/ Producer/ Artist who co-founded the bands Les Friction and ES Posthumus. Additionally, he has collaborated with artists such as Jay Z and Queen. He has also composed numerous network themes including The NFL On CBS, The US Open , The NFL Today, The Masters, The PGA Championship, MLB Tonight and Cold Case.  He is a 5 time Emmy winner.

We Will Rock You VonLichten is a mashup of Queen's iconic single and VonLichten's NFL theme.


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VonLichten's Alter-Egos

ES Posthumus

Go to esposthumus.com

Los Friction

Go to Lesfriction.com

2 Bands... 2 Epic Sounds...

You've heard their music in everything from America's Got Talent to The X Factor….  from Pepsi to Victoria's Secret commercials….  NBA,  MLB,  NFL,  USTA,  PGA… Harry Potter to Sherlock Holmes…their music is ubiquitous and instantly recognizable.  Check them both out……..  ES Posthumus and Les Friction.


Calvin Sondheim, Sondheim Management